Will Masturbation lower My Sperm Count?

This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to male fertility or infertility. Men who masturbate are at times filled with fear about their inability to impregnate a woman in the future due to the fact that they regularly release semen through masturbation.

The Science behind the Male reproductive system & Sperm Production

Have you heard of stories that a 75-year-old man impregnated a 21-year-old lady? What does that indicate?

To change tables around, how often do you hear that a 75-year-old woman gave birth to a baby naturally? Such reports can occur, but they are 1%.

Unlike a woman who has a given number of eggs, men aren’t limited by the number of sperms they release regularly though some factors matter.

A healthy man makes 3 to 5 million of sperms per hour and these sperms will attain a higher level of concentration the more a man abstains from sex.

However, some fertility experts such as the best sexologist in India stress that the more a man ejaculates, this points to the normal and functional sexual health that includes sex drive and response to stimulation.

Whenever a man ejaculates, he releases semen that consists of sperms. The contains various fluids that are released from the prostate, seminal vesicles, and the bulbourethral glands. The consistency, smell and color of the semen may differ from one man to another, depending on the frequency of masturbation or sexual interaction.

In case a man takes a long time to have sexual intercourse, the semen will frequently accumulate in the pockets above the prostate and will attain more concentration until ejaculation occurs.

For the case of the sperms, they are produced in the testicles specifically seminiferous tubules and are stored in the epididymis. When a man reaches orgasm, the semen that contains the sperms are all released.

Where the issue of low sperm count comes in

Some men are more prone to infertility due to their genetics. That means that the more they ejaculate or masturbate, the more their chances of low sperm count increase. Unfortunately, a man may never be aware of this until the time of starting a family, therefore, sexologists advise that men shouldn’t frequently masturbate.

Obstructive or nonobstructive factors may also cause low sperm count. Fortunately, these factors may be combated by low sperm count treatment in India after a semen or sperm analysis by an experienced fertility expert. Certain causes of these may include;

A blockage in the passage of the sperms


Chemical exposure to the testicles


Infections or diseases


Alcoholism and drug abuse characterized with smoking are some of the leading causes of low sperm count. The chemicals in the drugs or smoke tend to affect the quality, motility, and the shape of the sperm. Reducing the level of smoking or quitting can help promote one’s sperm count and quality.

Are you faced with male infertility?

Instructions for men with infertility must be taken seriously in case one thinks of having a family in the future. Here is what to do;

Avoid masturbating

Eat healthily

Abstain from sex for as long as you can in order to improve the sperm quality

Talk to a sexologist or a fertility expert

Physical exercises must be part of you

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