_Best Sexologist for Male Problems

Why is Sanjiwani Health Centre the best to get treatment for male sexual problems?

Sanjiwani Health Centre: Best Sexologist for your problems

DR. SS JAWAHAR is one of the Best Sexologist in Punjab who has been managing the Sanjiwani Health Centre for the last 35 years. Being the best Sex Specialist in Ludhiana he has helped many patients not just from India but even from the USA coming to him to get the Ayurvedic treatment.

Being the best, he has always made sure to make the patients understand what impact sexual problems can leave and why they should not ignore it. In your married life, physical relation plays an important part to keep your married life on track. It creates a bond between the partners which builds a bond and the stress is reduced.

Although, sometimes everything does not seem to be the way it should. It is noted that the prevalence rate of male sexual problems is increasing at a fast pace. In case, you are experiencing the same, then you should schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to find the treatment plan which gives you relief.

DR. SS JAWAHAR: One of the best sexologist

  • Our sexologist has years of experience

35 years…That’s too much to gain experience. Not just the experience but making sure you are properly trained and that too from the best place. When you are going to disclose your sexual problem, you will want to share in-depth information and only that doctor can understand everything who has gained experience. Our sexologist has handled different cases in working years which has increased his knowledge and expertise.

In addition, the Ayurvedic approach understands the root cause of the problem to treat the same. If you think your sexual activity is not the way it was used then consult the sexologist.

  • Proper certification

Dr. SS Jhawar has done his proper study, got training, and then became a certified Ayurvedic sexologist to treat the male problem. Understand that sexual issues can occur due to different things and only the best sexologist can point out what is the reason for this condition. During the evaluation, the doctor will check the root cause and accordingly give you the best treatment plan.

  • Our sexologist will take that ‘FEAR’ away from you

Many patients fear talking about the sexual problem with their partner, and this is where Dr. Jhawar’s expertise comes into play. He will listen to your problem calmly and no matter what you tell him, he will keep everything confidential. He will help to take that feeling of fear away from you and make sure that you can enjoy your sexual life with ease.

No need to hide your sexual problems

Don’t think that hiding your sexual problems can make them go away or there is no way that you don’t have any problem. It is common for men to experience issues of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and much more. With these issues, it is common to experience stress which ultimately affects married life. The best sexologist knows how to address your sexual concern and in what way you can enjoy your sexual life. If you are dealing with this problem, then schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to get the best Ayurvedic treatment plan for your sexual problems.

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