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Which are the most common symptoms of low testosterone in men?

Testosterone is an important sex hormone

Testosterone is one of the important sex hormones which is produced by the testicles. In case this hormone is not produced in the right amount then there are higher chances sexual development is not in the way it should be. Additionally, the issue of sperm stimulation & production issue will get less.

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Will age create any issue with low testosterone?

Indeed, every year testosterone level gets down by 1% to 2% every year. As you reach the age of 30 then the testosterone level will get down to a great extent.

What are the reasons behind low testosterone?

Different factors are there which can trigger the issue of low testosterone. Some of them are:

●     The increased high blood pressure issue

●     Obesity

●     Taking excess stress

●     Intake of drugs

●     Cholesterol level increases

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Which are the most common symptoms of low testosterone in males?

●     Problem having erection which will help in intimacy

Erection issue in males & it does happen if the testosterone is extremely low. This happens when the brain is not able to stimulate the receptors & the desired chemical reactions are formed that are needed. If the testosterone is low then the erection will not be there. Some of the erection issues are stress, sleep issues, decreased libido, alcohol consumption, & much more.

●     Hair loss problem has started to get worse

It’s not just about boosting sex drive but it does play an essential factor in hair production. When the hair loss issue has started to get worse then the testosterone level may have gone down to a great extent. Apart from that unhealthy lifestyle does create that issue.

●     Feeling tired all the time

Do you feel tired all the time? Then your testosterone level may have started to get down. If you have started to feel a drop in your energy then the low testosterone level might be causing trouble.

●     Abnormal testicles

If the testicles have gone smaller than average then better consult the doctor. When the testicles are not the average size then there is some problem that needs medical assistance on time. Testosterone deficiency indeed needs to be addressed to get the problem under control.

●     Mood swing change

Some reports have even shown that testosterone hormones have started to get down. When the testosterone hormone level is way too less then there are high chances sex hormones might not be working properly. Apart from mood change, there can be issues of depression, and irritability.

●     Body fat is more than needed

If the testosterone level is way too low then there are chances of having an issue like being overweight & obese. In some cases, males do experience the gynecomastia issue which occurs when testosterone & estrogen are not in the right balance.

Final word!

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