How long should the sex last?

What is the average duration of having sex? What is the ideal duration of the same?

The best sexologist in Punjab is usually asked with the following question –

How long should the sex last?

Then according to him, “The right answer to this question depends on the what are the inclusions of the sex for you?

Let me clear this out.

Which of the following do you include in sex?

    • Foreplay
    • Penetration
    • Mutual Masturbation

Did you know?

Mutual masturbation means to stimulate, play or touch each other’s genitals (Penis or Vagina) with either hands or the sex toys.”

Contrary Statement

But as per the various other sex specialists in Ludhiana, “ When we are referring to the sex duration, then the only time taken by the penetration to happen should be incorporated in it.”

The result of the Survey

How long does a woman want the sexual intercourse to last?

Usually, the woman likes the sexual activity to happen for around 26 minutes on average. In this, we are neither including the foreplay nor do the mutual masturbation.

Average intercourse duration

According to the survey, “It has been found out that the males and the females could become satisfied only of the sex lasts for about 16 minutes.”


It has been found out that the peak of sexual satisfaction in both males and females happens when they are around 28 to 29 years old.

This satisfaction begins to decline when the couple progresses to advanced maternal age. The duration begins to decline when the couple is 45 years old.

‍‍The Best Case Study

One of the best studies which have been carried out considered more than 500 couples who measured their sexual timing with the stopwatch.

The astonishing results

We were surprised by the variation of the results. It took about 55 seconds for some to accomplish the act and took around 44 minutes for the other couples.

After how much me, the woman reaches an orgasm?

The studies that are emphasis on the fact about how long does it take for the male to reach the ejaculating point are many, but the ones which study about women’s satisfaction are considerably less.

According to the proven research, the following information is extremely true for all women. Some exceptional cases are omitted while calculating this:

For an average woman, it does take around 14 minutes to reach orgasm.

But when talking about masturbation, then it happens within 8 minutes.

Did you know?

The count of the woman who has to leave the sex in between without reaching the masturbation is much more than the woman who uses the masturbation technique for the self sexual satisfaction

Please Note!

A couple cannot get satisfied with the intercourse thing if they do not consider the sexual intercourse

Please Note!

Sexual intercourse will only be called satisfying if you are doing it as per the will of your partner. If both you and your partners are satisfied with the timings, then the intercourse will be successfully satisfying.

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