Guide on low sex drive in women

What are the major symptoms and causes of low sex drive in women?

It is important to understand that women’s sexual desire changes with time. Sometimes it is high and sometimes it is low, which is considered as the major life change. Various factors point to the situation and why it happens. If you are struggling through the same, then you need to schedule your initial consultation with the Best Sexologist in Punjab to get yourself the right treatment plan. Dr. Jhawar is one of the known Sex Specialist in Ludhiana who takes utmost care of his patients and suggest to them the right approach to make their sex life as smooth and best as possible.

What are the major symptoms of low sex drive in women?

When you and your partner’s sexual desire start to vary or you want something different, then it will create a concern of distress in your life. If your sex drive seems to get weak then your relationship might be at stake. If your relationship does not have that magic or spark it used to be then it is essential to get help. Here are some of the signs which point to the same:

    • Losing interest in performing sexual activity even masturbation
    • Do not think about sexual fantasy or even have thought of it
    • You, yourself are concerned about your sexual activity

The simple solution to your problem can only be found when you consult the doctor at the right time.

What are the causes of low sex drive in women?

The sex drive can get affected when your interaction with your partner is getting affected. Apart from that emotional, physical well-being, beliefs, lifestyle, and life experiences might be the reason.

Physical causes which lead to low sex drive

The wild range of illness along with physical change & medications can result in problems like:

    • Medical problem
    • Sexual issue
    • Certain intake of medications
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Undergoing surgery
    • Experiencing fatigue

Hormone changes

If the hormone levels in the body are not right then sex drive is affected and its chances of occurring are:

    • When you undergo the menopause stage there can be problems. The issue of dry vaginal tissues and excess pain along with experiencing uncomfortable sex.
    • Hormonal changes can occur during pregnancy and even when you are breastfeeding. Due to pregnancy stress, the body goes through problems and this is the reason the sexual desire is compromised.

Psychological causes which lead to low sex drive

    • Mental health issues like anxiety or depression
    • Stress
    • Poor body image
    • Low self-esteem
    • History of physical or sexual abuse
    • Previous negative sexual experiences

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