What Are The Causes Of The Low Libido Problem

Sexual exhaustion is the symptom of the old age. In the young age, men are suffering from the erectile dysfunction. This is due to the bad lifestyle, poor diet etc. Low Libido is the sexual disorder. This is common in all the ages of the men. At least one in five is suffering from this disease. This is the common belief that sexual desire decreases with the growing age. This is not the true facts. Most of the old men enjoy their sex life the most. You can consult the best sexologist of the Punjab for the Low Libido disorder.

Is Lack of the Libido is common in the men or not?

Lack of Libido is less common as compared to the erectile dysfunction.

There is only one man as compared to the 25 men with erectile dysfunction.

Most of the men who suffer from lack of Libido can also achieve the erections. This is because that they lost their desire to do sex.

What are the causes of the Low Libido in men?

There are numbers of the physiological and physical causes that are the main reasons of the Low Libido in men.

Physical causes

Alcoholism: Person who consumes excessive amount of the alcohol is also suffered from the Low Libido problem.

Drug addiction: Persons who are addicted to the different types of the drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Drug addiction is also the main cause of the Low Libido.

Anemia: The persons that are anemic by nature can also have the Low Libido problem

Obesity: Obese people have greater chances of the Low Libido problem.

Few medications prescribed for prostate problems, hypertension and depression: if you are consuming medicines for the problems like for prostate problems, hypertension, and depression, there may be more chances of having the Low Libido problem.

Low level of testosterone hormones: if you are having the low level of the testosterone hormones, then you will definitely suffer from Low Libido problem.

Not enough sleep: Not enough sleep is also the major cause of the Low libido problem.

Long working hours: if you are working for the prolonged period of the time. Then you will definitely suffer the Low libido disease.

Chronic pain: sometimes, chronic pain becomes the cause of the Low libido disease.

Psychological causes:

Stress: stress is the root cause of all the problems. Today life is so fast and stressful. it will become difficult to get rid of this stress. Then you have 100% chance to trap in the Low Libido problem.

Unresolved conflicts in the relationship: if you are and your partner is not happy with your relationship. It will create the stress in your relationship. This can also become the major cause of the Low libido.

What should a man do about lack of libido?

The first remedy is to consult the best sexologist of the India. He will suggest you the following remedies.

Leave alcohol and quit drug addiction

Adopt weight management technique.

Take sufficient amount of the sleep

Reduce stress level by adopting stress relaxing techniques

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