Two Important Facts about Male Sexual Dysfunction


Most of the people consider the sexual dysfunctions as the sign of weakness and shame. Sexual dysfunction is the inability of men and women to have pleasurable sexual intercourse. There can various types of sexual dysfunctions in both male and females that are caused by multifactor categorized in issues related to body, mind, medications and relationships.

We filter the study for male sexual dysfunctions then it can be mainly of two kinds

  • Inhibited sex desire
  • Painful sex

Inhibited Sexual Desire

It is the inability of having sexual thoughts or to initiate and respond the sexual activity. This kind of inability can be caused by following facts.

Patients can have body related issues like liver or kidney problem, increased level of prolactin, in sufficient amount of testosterone, prolonged fatigue due to some health conditions can decrease the interest for sexual activity.

Mind related issues like depression, anxiety and PTSD can lead to inhibited sexual desire, sexual abuse, fear of failure guilty, shame or some doubts about sexual activity can lost the desire for sex.

Some medicines also cause loss in sexual interest as the side effects. Medicines like anti- depressants, anti- hypertensive, and epileptic drugs can lead to this sexual dysfunction.

Some time due to ill relations between the couples can also lead to loss of sexual issues as the conflicts, misunderstandings, doubts and emotional distance can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Painful Sex

Some males feel pain while sexual intercourse like for erection it can be caused by issues like

  • Tight foreskin
  • STDs
  • Testicular cancer
  • Penile fracture
  • Balantis
  • Prostatis
  • Phimosis

If you are facing such issues while the sexual intercourse then you must consult the Best Sexologist in India to get rid from the feeling of shame and weakness.

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