Ayurvedic Tips For A Good Sex Life

Is It Safe Do Indulge In Sexual Activity During The Covid-19?

Corona Virus has put a lot of dent in our daily life; it was not easy for many to get back to their feet after it had mercilessly hit them.

One such question is regarding the safety of having sex during the covid outbreak.

We asked our doctor- a sexologist in jalandhar, about the repercussion of having sex at the time of covid with your partner.

Sex And Corona Virus

People have been stuck home, living their new life of work from home. This has generated a different lifestyle. For some, it has been a time of their life; for others, they are still struggling. But one thing that has been constant among people who have a partner is sexual life. Obviously, it depends on the individual, but people are more likely to be involved in sexual activity when they have the time and the rest for it. Covid outbreak has given people that opportunity.

According to the Sexologist in amritsar, people become more conscious about what they eat and how they live. Which has ultimately triggered their sex life to be better; for some who were struggling, they, along with good physical well-being, also opted to visit us to have a better sexual life.

It has changed people’s perception of sexual activities and how to pursue them.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Covid?

If you and your partner do not have covid or any of the other variants, you can easily enjoy your sex life and get involved in the sexual act. It is perfectly fine for you to indulge in it. It is a fact that coronavirus does not get transmitted sexually, but the proximity could be a reason for getting infected by the virus.

If you or your partner is suffering from the virus, it is highly advisable to maintain a 6 feet distance between each other. Try to only contact when essential; other than that, wait until you recover. Your partners and your safety are in the hands of the right decision.

If you and your partner live far away, we recommend doing your covid test before you become involved in physical intimacy. Even kissing your partner could evoke the virus to transfer.

Visit A Sexologist If You Are Facing Difficulty

It is perfectly common to have some sort of sexual disorder or problem, which could hamper your life. Building up all those secrets would only lead to more frustration which would not suit your overall well-being. Do not hesitate and visit Sexologist to get rid of your sexual conditions. We choose Ayurveda for your treatment, which is effective and leaves zero side effects on the body.

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