Sanjiwani Health Centre Meghalaya

Sanjiwani Health Centre Meghalaya

The sexual problem in both the gender is common. Most of the males are grappling with sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, importance or ejaculation problems that become hindrance for them to get actual sex satisfaction and pleasure.


Females generally have some hormonal problems fear from sex, pain during sex, lack of desire, which stop them to enjoy sexual activity. These problems can be caused by various factors which can be physical or psychological but most of the problems are treatable there is only need to meet number one sexologist in Meghalaya.


We understand the problem of couple that could not enjoy their sexual session due to some reason. In the assistance of best sex specialist in Meghalaya related information is taken from the couple and kept confidential.


Our experts provide tailor made treatment to the patient after analyzing symptoms of the problems through physical exam. Most of the sexual problems are treated by addressing the physical or psychological problems that lead to sexual disorders.


For healthy relations our experts also give complete counseling session to the couple to address various issues that can improve their sexual relationships besides that our best Ayurvedic treatment give the effective results and improve the performance on bed.

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