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When clinicians initially focused on sexual dysfunction in the beginning of 20th century, they assumed that it could be caused by masturbation in early days or extensive sexual interaction in adulthood. So the treatment believed was less masturbation and controlled sexual activity. But it is a myth. Actually the sexual problems are related with the various mental and physical factors such as stress, injury, medicine side effect and poor relationship. Our Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Patiala suggests the important factors that should keep in mind.


There are several causes of sexual problems such as:

An experienced and number one sex specialist in Patiala helps you in overcoming the above physical and psychological factors.

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Both males and females are influenced by sexual issues. These issues occur in adults at the different ages. In the widely affected are those in geriatric population that may be associated to the reduction in health related with aging.


The Sex Specialist in Patiala provides the guaranteed cure of the female sexual problems. The commonly occurring problems in females are lack of libido, problem in achieving orgasm, malnourishment, and consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. The females lose sexual desire or usually diminished or absent. The patient’s level of satisfaction is of their own sexual desire.


The sexual problems if last for more than a few months or become a concerning factor, you should get in touch of a number one sexologist in Patiala to  get its treatment soon.

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