Sanjiwani Health Centre Andhra Pradesh

Sanjiwani Health Centre Andhra Pradesh

sexual dysfunction has become common problem for both men nd women. These sexual problem can affect not only their sexual pleasure but also to their relationships so it is most important to understand the reasons of these sex related problem

Causes for sexual dysfunction

These problems may occur due to mainly two types of reasons that are physical and psychological

Physical causes

according to the Ayurvedic sex specialist in Andhra Pradesh there can be various medical and physical conditions that can cause sex related issues. People with the problems like diabetes, heart, vascular or blood vessel disease, disturbed hormone level, neurological disorders, kidney or liver failure, drug abuse, alcoholisms can easily become the victims of sexual disorders

Psychological causes

these issues can be due to work related stress, anxiety, lower sexual problem concern, issues related to sexual or marital relations, depression and even past sexual trauma. For these entire issues one must consult to number one sex specialist in Andhra Pradesh for getting escape from sexual dysfunction.

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