Reasons To Visit A Sexologist

What are the reasons you need to schedule a consultation with a sexologist?

If your sexual health is not the way it used to be, then don’t think they’re there is anything that can help you. Such a situation demands consulting the Sexologist in Jalandhar to transform your sexual life for the better. You mustn’t think that your problem cannot be beneficial or there is nothing that can help you. In this blog, I have mentioned the significant reasons to get medical assistance from a sexologist.

Reasons to Consult a Sexologist

  • Sex drive is getting lower

When your sex drive gets lower, you don’t have to explain the same. It’s like you avoid physical intimacy with the partner. Moreover, several hormonal changes occur in the body & even psychological factors triggered due to fatigue & medications. In some cases, pregnancy or breastfeeding might be why you have a problem. If you are in the same scenario, consulting the Sexologist in Amritsar is essential.

  • Increasing sexual urges

Your sexual urges have started to get worse, or you every time you think just about having sex. If this is what is happening with you, then the psychological issue is why. At times, there are even occupational, social, & other factors that start to affect sexual life.

  • Psychological issues might be the reason

The most common reasons are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or inability to penetrate. Such health issues suggest consulting the therapist. If the woman has issues like vaginal dryness, vaginismus, pre-menopause, vaginal trauma, and dyspareunia, it can create the problem.

  • Sexual desire is different for both

If your sexual desire is not the same as your partner’s, it’s essential to get medical assistance. Consulting the sexologist will help your condition get on the right track. As the problem gets noticed & it will be easier to know what measures should be taken.

  • Sex makes you feel guilty

Do you have a feeling of sex when you feel guilty? The sex should not make you feel guilty in a way manner, and if that happens, you need to get your medical assistance. It might be possible you have been a victim of child abuse in the past, or you faced a negative situation. So, talking to the therapist will guide you in the right direction of taking this feeling away.

  • Difficulty in achieving an orgasm

If it’s getting difficult to achieve an orgasm, your sexual life will be halted. Don’t let this condition get any worse than it already is. Consult the sexologist to understand better what to do or what is the reason you have this issue.



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