Things You Should Know About Nightfall

What Is Nightfall Or Wet Dreams, Its Main Reasons And Side Effects?

Sperm emission at night or wet dreams or nightfalls in men.

You might wonder what exactly this is.

Well, most of the time, people shy away from talking about wet dreams and what it is. This only enhances the taboo and notion regarding it, enclosing a discourse.

On most occasions, it happens to teenage boys who are at their puberty, reaching peak hormonal changes in their body. But it could happen to older men as well. The reason behind wet dreams in older men is the fluctuation in the sexual charge.

In this blog, you will learn about the reasons behind the occurrence of nightfall and how it is a natural phenomenon, and how you can undergo Night Fall Treatment in Punjab to cure it.

What Is Nightfall Or Wet Dreams?

Sexologist in Ludhiana also call it night discharge, wet dreams, swapandosh (in Hindi), and nocturnal emissions. It is a very prevalent sexual condition among people in their teenage or mid-age.

In this situation, the brain loses control, and the body ejaculates during dreams.

Now the main question is:

Is it natural?

Absolutely, it is totally universal and normal to have nightfall. But if it is a regular occurrence, then you should visit the ayurvedic doctor to maintain your sexual health.

What Are The Reasons For Nightfalls Or Wet Dreams?

Most of the common nightfalls that happen in men are pretty harmless. Although, if it stays for a longer period of time, then it might be a matter of concern.

Some of the reasons include:

  1. Sexual inactivity

  2. Excessive exposure to sexual content such as discussing and thinking about sexual stuff all the time or pornography.

  3. Rubbing the penis against the bed sheet involuntarily while sleeping might stimulate erection and ejaculation.

  4. Inadequate ejaculation of sperms because of weak nerves at the time of sexual activity.

  5. Going to bed with a full urinary bladder.

  6. Experiencing extreme stress and anxiety

  7. Obesity and physical inactivity

  8. Intake of sexual hormones supplements

  9. Inflammation of the prostate gland

  10. A heavy dosage of medicines such as antidepressants

What Are The Side Effects Of Nightfalls?

Wet dreams can make you feel very incompetent and embarrassed, which can eventually take a great toll on the mental and sexual health of the patient. There are many side-effects of nightfall that you might experience. Some of them include.

  1. You might feel pain in the knees because of nightfall

  2. You might lack a lot of concentration because of nightfall

  3. Nightfall causes dizziness

  4. You can experience insomnia because of nightfall

  5. Nightfall leads to constant weakness

  6. You can lose memory because of nightfall.

  7. Nightfall affects mood swings

  8. Nightfall causes a lack of self-confidence

  9. Nightfall leads to a dark circle

  10. Nightfall causes erectile dysfunction

  11. Nightfall causes pain in the testicles

  12. Nightfall can is one of the leading culprits of premature ejaculation

  13. You might experience cramps in the pelvic region because of nightfall

  14. Nightfall leads to stress

  15. Nightfall causes poor vision

  16. Nightfall causes backache

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