We are not short of diseases in these days. There is a lot of diseases that affect the men. It doesn’t harm the body of the male member but also affects the soul. There are a lot of deadly and dangerous diseases. ED is one of them. It affects the sexual performance. It is considered to be an inability of a person to maintain the same for long period of time.


ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is commonly known as impotence. It’s the stage when a man cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Less sexual desire is the symptom of this disease. Only efficient and effective sexologist in India can detect the time period of this disease. He can detect the oldness of the disease like it lasts for up to some weeks or months.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Mental factors: For some of the men, sex is not the most enjoyable activity. There is a number of the other factors like depression, stress, fatigue and sleep disorder can affect the sexual excitement in the brain. Sex is always be the source of stress reliever. But in the Ed, it will be the stressful chore. Sometimes bad communication can make the environment of the room uncomfortable. So, there must be the open talk between the couples.

Bad Habits: Bad habits like smoking and taking alcohol are the important consideration matter that an impotent has to quit.

Weight Obesity is an important consideration. Because heart diseases are related to obesity and ED. Slimmer people feel more comfortable in the bedroom.


Brush and floss the teeth regularly: when the teeth are cleaned, this helps to trigger the inflammation that can stifle the pennies.

Choose the correct blood pressure medicine: High blood pressure can worsen ED. But right medicine of blood pressure will help to prevent this disease.

Lose weight: When the bulky person loses weight, he can enjoy the sex as the slimmer person. A healthy lifestyle can help you in enjoying sex.

Healthy diet: someone has beautifully said that what good for the heart is good for the pennies. Consumption of a lot of fruits and vegetables are responsible for the cardiovascular health.

Pick the perfect pill: there is a number of pills available in the market. But one should take the pills with the prescription of a sexologist.

Practice Pelvic floor exercises: pelvic floor exercises are responsible for improving the erectile function in 75% in men. It is the natural Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India

Standard ED treatments are:

Prescription medications: The first treatment for this kind of problem is the pills. Pills must be taken according to the prescription of the doctor.

Vacuum pumps: The second treatment is the vacuum pumps. This is the most effective treatment and has long-term results.

Surgery: This treatment is adopted in the critical cases. This is a preferable erectile Dysfunction treatment in India.

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