Premature Ejaculation-its Causes And Medication

Premature ejaculation is the situation when the sexual pleasure is for the short period of the time. This problem arises in the men who have infrequent sex if they are indulging less in the sexual activity; they are more prone to get more excited. This excitement always creates the problem of the premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the very common problem and easily seen in the most of the men. Usually, men feel embarrassed about talking about this; there is not worry about this. We have the best sexologist in India who provides you the proper medication and helps you to relieve this problem very easily.

There are no physical or biological complications of the premature ejaculation. But continuous premature ejaculation can also affect your relationship. This may also lead to infertility. If you are ejaculating prematurely, it can also lead to the low sperm count. Fertilization does not take place properly if you’re ejaculating early. In that case, you have to take the infertility treatment.

What are the various causes of the premature ejaculation?

There are multiple causes of the premature ejaculation. But it is categorized into two factors:

Psychological Factors

  • If the person is anxious about the sex, then it also lead to Premature ejaculation

    If you hurry towards the climax, do the sex slowly and enjoy it at the fullest level.

    There may be sometimes , cultural guilt about the sec

    Erectile dysfunction is also the major cause of this.

    There may be lack of understanding between you and your better half.

Biological Factors

  • Sometimes hormonal imbalances also lead to the problem of Premature ejaculation

    There may be neuron transmitters’ problem. Sometimes, you fail to send the right signals to the brain.

    Sometimes, infection in the urethra can also lead to Premature ejaculation’

    Sometimes, this problem is hereditary.

    There may be chances of the damage of the nervous and the sensory system.

Modern Medicine for Premature Ejaculation Treatment available in India

There are three types of the treatment for premature ejaculation

Sex therapy: In this treatment, sexologist will carefully examine you at the physical level. Sexologist will help you to determine the root of the sexual problem. This therapy includes treatment like masturbating before the intercourse etc.

Medication: The second way is the medication. Medication helps you to free from any stress and helps to maintain the hormonal balance. Antidepressants and anesthetics are commonly used to get rid of this problem.

Cognitive behavior therapy: If you are having a lot of stress, then your sexologist will suggest you the cognitive behavior therapy. This is the psychological treatment and often taken in conjunction with antidepressants and mood enhancers.

The best sexologist in India will provide the best Premature ejaculation treatment which helps to normalize the hormonal imbalance and also check your ejaculatory mechanism whether it is properly working or not. They help you to improve your libido and enhance your sexual powers.

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