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Biological And Psychological Factors That Cause Low Time Period!

Everyone wants to master the act of sex, to impress their partner, or to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life. But some factors sometimes become a hurdle for a healthy sexual life.

Releasing semen before or during the act of sex can agonize your partner, but if that occurs frequently, your partner might get fed up with you very fast.

Low Time Period Or Premature Ejaculation!

A low time period is when a man ejaculates sooner than anticipated. A very common complaint among many, this has become a problem for men to live a healthy life.

If it does not happen frequently, it is not a matter of concern but if it is a persistent occurrence you must visit the Best Sexologist in Ludhiana and treat your problem.

Psychological And Biological Factors!

Both Psychological and Biological factors can impact the men in having premature ejaculation. Understandably, the topic can be very difficult to talk about or it might embarrass you to visit a sexologist. But remember, a simple Low Time Period Treatment in Ludhiana can change your perspective about sexual life.

Symptoms Of Low Time Period!

The main symptoms of premature ejaculation are that the man is unable to control and hold his semen for even a minute during intercourse, but if it is also seen during masturbation, it can be a serious problem that needed to be treated.

Low time period is classified into two parts:

  • Primary or lifelong ejaculation that occurred almost all of your life from the beginning sexual encounter till now.

  • Secondary or acquired ejaculation begins after you have had experience in sexual activity without suffering from premature ejaculation.

Causes of Low Time Period!

As stated before, it might involve both Psychological as well as Biological factors, however, the exact reason for premature ejaculation is still unknown.

Psychological causes

  • Having experience in sexual activity from an early age.

  • If you are suffering from anxiety or depression

  • Sexual abuse.

  • Worrying about a low time period can also affect your ejaculation timings.

  • Having feelings that you are guilty about, as it increases your tendency to rush through the intercourse act.

For psychological factors, it is all mind over matter, the act can be more pleasurable if you enjoy the moment and do not worry much about anything else.

Biological Causes

  • Having abnormal hormone levels.

  • Traits that are inherited can also be a big reason.

  • Having an abnormal number of neurotransmitters, a brain chemical.

Risk Causes

  • Fear of losing or maintaining an erection can lead you to hurry up through the act and ejaculate prematurely.

  • If you are unable to relax and enjoy the moment because of any stress it might lead you to the risk of premature ejaculation.

For All Intents And Purposes!

At Sanjiwani Hospital, we treat your low time period with Ayurveda. With our help, you do not have to worry about having an embarrassing moment with your partner anymore. Enjoy your time with PLEASURE!

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