Is Low sperm count responsible for erection dysfunction?

Erection dysfunction is the medical condition in which men are completely unable to achieve or sustain the erection. The main cause of the erectile dysfunction is the low level of the testosterone. Testosterone is the main sex hormone. This helps to regulate the sexual activity and also help to improve the sex life of the person.

Erection process

Erection process is usually caused by the physiological hormonal. When one of the hormones is sexually active, then the nerve pulses are worked in order to relax the muscles in the penis. Then the veins are draining the blood from the penis. Then penises are compressed in order to stop the outflow of the blood. This ensures that blood is flowing through the penis.

Low sperm count

Low sperm count is the situation in which man will ejaculate the semen naturally. This means that less viable sperm. The semen has the less fertility in order to produce the egg. When the sperm is not viable, then the sperm are too weak and lack of the important attributes. This is very hard to say that low sperm count is the attribute of the erectile dysfunction. These are the building blocks of the sperms and the same mineral that is used to regulate the erection. Minerals such as the zinc are used to boost the sperm count. These are essential for the sexual response cycle. There is no need to take any worry; we are specialized to provide the best low sperm count treatment in India and other sectors of the world.

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