Is Diabetes Responsible For The Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is the stage in the men when he has the inability to sustain or achieve the erection. No doubt, sexual power will decrease with the age. A person who is healthy, physically and emotionally, should be able to produce the erection on the regular basis. He can enjoy the sexual intercourse in any age.

If the person occasionally fails to perform the erection, it doesn’t mean that he is suffering from the erectile dysfunction. Moreover, this doesn’t happen to every man. There are other factors when men usually don’t achieve the erection. The factors are fatigue, illness, alcohol consumption, drug use etc.

Erectile dysfunction is the situation when the man is interested in the sex, but cannot perform the erection. There are some persons who suffer from diabetes, sometimes experience the less sex drive force. This is due to the hormonal imbalance and the depression.

This problem occurs due to the structural problem in the pennies. This can only be rectifying with the surgical treatment.

How diabetes causes the erectile dysfunction?

The sexual response of the human is mainly dependent upon the proper functioning of the different body parts. You can consult the best sexologist of India for the best erectile dysfunction treatment in India. The various body parts like nerves, blood vessels, hormones, and Psyche are required to function accurately for enjoying your sex life.

Nerves: The main complication that can occur with diabetes is the neuropathy. Erection is achieved by the proper functionality of the parasympathetic nervous system. But a sympathetic system is responsible for controlling the orgasm and ejaculation. Nerves damage also lead to the problem of the erectile dysfunction.

Blood Vessels: diabetes is the main cause of the damaging the blood vessels. Especially small blood vessels that are commonly found in the penis.diabetes are also responsible for creating heart and circulatory diseases. Proper flow of the blood is required to achieve the erection.

Hormones: Diabetes also leads to the problem of the kidney disease. Kidney disease also causes changes in the amount and the type of the hormones. It also affects the hormones that are responsible for the sexual intercourse and you cannot enjoy your sexual life fully.

Psyche: sometimes the psychological issues are responsible for the reduced sex drive. Erectile dysfunction is also caused by those men whose sex drive is fine. There are multiple psychological issues like major life changes, stressful events, relationships problem can also lead to the problem of the erectile dysfunction.

Medications: Researchers show that 25% of the erectile dysfunction is caused by the drugs. For example, common medicines of diabetes can also lead to the erectile dysfunction. The main common offenders are the drugs of the blood pressure, antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, appetite suppressants, and cimetidine. Moreover, there are certain eye drops and the nose drops that responsible for creating the erectile dysfunction among the men.

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