How to Control the Problem of Premature Ejaculation?

One of the most common causes of worry with men is Premature Ejaculation. Also, it is one of those topics which people don’t like to discuss; it is one of the most common sexual complaints. 30% percent of the men suffer from this and complaint about Poor control on Ejaculation.

The satisfactory time frame depends from one couple to another. But if you want to last longer in bed with your partner there are certain things you can try at your own level, and if it doesn’t work and you are reaching orgasm within the time frame of two to three minutes you should get yourself medically checked.


1.Try Using Condoms Which Are Thick : If you are using thinner condoms and you get excited very fast, try thicker condoms because they reduce the sensation and will make you last longer.

2.Deep Breathing : Deep breaths tend to automatically shut down the Ejaculatory reflex – it’s an automatic reflex of the body because of which ejaculation occurs. Deep breaths eventually delay the ejaculation.

3. Try Masturbate Before Sex : Masturbating before Sex like an hour or two can delay the time you take to ejaculate during the sexual intercourse.

4.Try Positions That Decrease Your Sensitivity : Pick the position in which you feel less sensitive, and continue for a while so that your partner can enjoy their time.

5.Pause And Squeeze Method : When you are about to ejaculate ask your partner to squeeze your penis and to squeeze it for few seconds until the need to reach orgasm curbs. After 30/40 seconds you will be able to enter your partner without the urge of ejaculating.

6.Topical Anesthetics : Topical anesthetics are medicines which are available on prescriptions or are available as creams and sprays (over the counter). These medicines reduce the sensations and help in delaying orgasm. Men and their partners (some of them) have reported a loss (temporary) of sensitivity and reduced pleasure.

7. Try Diverting Your Mind : Sometimes keeping yourself mentally diverted can delay the ejaculation, while having sexual pleasures you can think of things which calm your sexual drive, like office work.

If all this doesn’t work try going to a counselor, you can either go with your partner or go alone. Sometimes other stress and performance pressure is the underlying reason behind premature ejaculation. A traumatic sexual experience of your childhood can also be the reason and these experiences include the fear of getting discovered or the feeling of guilt. Sometimes a fight or relationship issues between you and your partner can also result in this problem. If these mentioned things are the reason behind it then you should definitely consult a counselor and share your problems.

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