How Do Young Men Get Affected By Erectile Dysfunction?

Many people have this misunderstanding that erectile dysfunction can only happen to older men, how wrong. No, this is certainly not true. Some ads show aged men discussing their improved erections helps them and also that it makes them feel young again.

It is not completely false that chances of developing ED grow as one age, many conditions associated with Ed, like Diabetes and heart disease, start occurring.
But, how many of you know that Ed affects many younger men, also?

Let’s have a look at some statics:
Around 11% of men in the age group of the 30s and 8% in 20s had Ed.
Another study found that around 2,500 men between 18 – 25 years of age, 30% of men had this issue.

It is quite important to know the severity level of ED, and also that it can differ. Some men with this condition don’t get any erections, while some have trouble sometimes, while for many others the erections are not as they like it to be.

The rates of ED can be higher than expected. A lot of men are not comfortable talking about it even with a doctor, so they prefer to suffer in silence. Many doctors don’t come to know that ED affects younger men also, so they don’t ask about sexual health.

Why do younger men suffer?

Why do younger men suffer?
Age has a major role to play in ED.
It is not easy to answer this, ED can be caused by both physical as well as psychological reasons, and many times there are a lot of factors:

Hormonal disorders:
Factors like diabetes, thyroid(less or excess) can interfere with the same.

Vascular problems
A stiff erection depends on the good supply of blood to the penis, anything coming in the way, like the plaque or anything else, can obstruct the erection

Sense organs disorders
Men having spinal cord injury, epilepsy, sclerosis or any other type of sense organ disorder may also have trouble with erections because some important messages from the brain cannot connect with genitals.

Side effects of medicines

Most of the medicines like anti depression, anti-inflammation, and many others have side effects which influence the sexual side of men

Emotional and psychology concerns
Erectile dysfunction can also occur in men with depression and anxiety. Relationship issues can play a role as well. This can also affect men having depression or anxiety, relationship issues also play a role, many times.

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