Heart Problems in Older Men Who Enjoy Sex

Overcome the Depressing Sexual Problems in Your Relationship
Overcome the Depressing Sexual Problems in Your Relationship

In the recent studies, a bitter truth came out that as you are growing old, the heart related risks increase with sexual activities. In a research conducted in US, the results have shown that the older men who are frequently involved in the sexual activities increase the chances of heart related problems.

Men who are between 50 to 80 and participate in the sexual activity for once or more a week have higher risk of heart related and cardiovascular problems in the near 5 years as compare to men who live without it. Likely the men who are highly engage in the sexual activities are at great risk to suffer from heart conditions.

The older men may experience bad health conditions as compare to younger men when they attempt to reach an orgasm. It creates higher stress on their cardiovascular system to attain the climax. There are medicines developed to improve sexual performance but they leave negative effects on men’s hearts. High content of testosterone increases men’s stamina to involve in sex while causing hypertension.

According to sexologist in Delhi, India, sex by older men in once or twice a week affects their cardiovascular events. Men who achieve the extreme sexual satisfaction are even at the higher risk as compare to those who are reluctant in sexual activities after crossing their 50s or hardly participate.

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