Erectile Issues in Males – Why it occurs!

There are various erectile dysfunctions in males today caused by various issues. The various debates about masturbation seem to produce inconsistent answers but some sexual specialists stress that masturbation may trigger erectile dysfunction.

In addition, the use of sex toys, fingers, and oral sex may interrupt one’s ability to produce or maintain an erection. Sexual intercourse is an action that must be conducted by opposite sexes and appropriately with the help of the reproductive systems. Any sexual activity different from this may cause erectile dysfunctions

Erectile in aging males

Males aged 58 and above have higher chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction while younger men have 15% chances of suffering from ED. ED in aging men occurs because the blood flow to the penis isnt sufficient and powerful enough like in young men. In addition, the muscles that support the ejaculatory fluid become weak with age.

Regular Kegel exercises can help keep the muscles in the right shape, says the best sexologist in India. Physical exercises are also an ideal practice that should be part of a man during his youth to reduce the chances of ED.

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males

Experiencing ED at the age of 26 is quite embarrassing. Much as it can be associated to psychological trauma, stress and other problems, ED in young males can also be triggered by habits like masturbation, smoking, and satisfying one’s self by touching the private parts.

All these practices interrupt the natural formation of an erection once you get a partner.

Erectile Dysfunction in males with Chronic Diseases

Males with various chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDs, arthritis, and diabetes may experience ED in case no treatment is taken. Chronic diseases happen to weaken the body’s ability to perform daily activities and so during sexual activities.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Apart from the various ED treatments, there are various lifestyle changes that can help improve your ability to attain and maintain an erection. The possible Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India includes;


Also known as Sildenafil, Viagra is the commonest treatment for ED. The drug works by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes the penis muscles.


Certain factors like stress, depression, and anxiety can trigger ED and counseling may help combat ED. A sexologist, a counselor, or a psychologist is recommended

Physical exercises

The recent studies show that physical exercises those moderate to vigorous aerobic activity have the capacity of improving the ED condition. Normally, men who don’t engage in physical activities have higher chances of developing ED.

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