Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Punjab

Don’t let erectile dysfunction be an enemy of those sweet & spicy moments

Every couple nowadays is suffering from one or another sexual problem. Though some sexual problems are associated with females, a majority of the problems are linked with males. But no worries, Dr. SS Jawahar, the Best Sexologist in Ludhiana does have every possible solution for each sexual problem.

Today we are pinpointing – ‘Erectile Dysfunctioning’.

Natural treatment options for erectile dysfunctioning

Ashwagandha – Improve your sexual ability

Ashwagandha is known as a powerful herb that provides relief from the following sexual problems:

  • Sexual Anxiety

  • Concerns About Sexual Performance

  • Fear Of Failure

Vajikarana therapy – Makes a balance in your body

This therapy potential the various elements of your body by establishing a proper balance between balance & health. Ayurvedic practitioners all over the world believe this therapy enhances sexual function. This is a vital part of the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Punjab.

Cinnamomum cassia – Make the erectile tissue relaxed

The application of Cinnamomum cassia oil is known to result in an erection.

Please Note:

The essential oils are never meant to be swallowed. They can be applied or even become a part of aromatherapy.

Yoga – Master of all treatments

Yoga is one of the treatments that has been proven effective for all diseases. But one must note that there are specific yoga postures that are supposed to cure the particular problem.

Other plants

Apart from the above-mentioned, 30 other medicinal herbs are known for their power to treat sexual disabilities and other disorders.

Final Comments!

Erectile dysfunction can make you feel impotent. Why be embarrassed about that when you have the perfect and remediable solution for the same?

Dr. SS Jawahar, head of Sanjiwani Health Centre and best sexologist in ludhiana is known for treating various sexual problems with efficacy.

One thing the doctor demands from you is patience and faith in treatment.

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