Correcting the Myths Surrounding Masturbation & Hair Loss

Masturbation is one of the commonest sexual acts in both young and middle-aged males. Though this form of sexual satisfaction is commonly conducted by both married and unmarried males, it is against many beliefs and social approval.

Hair loss, on the other hand, has prevailed over the years to the extent that it is currently a worldwide catastrophe with an ultimate solution known as a hair transplant. As many fall victim to hair loss or baldness, many connections have been developed associating hair loss to masturbation. In this post, we are interested in finding out whether masturbation can trigger hair loss.

What happens when you masturbate?

As one masturbates, several hormones are stimulated and this act is basically defined as a sort of a revival in males. Once the sexual hormones are stimulated, semen is released and this semen contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, zinc, citric acid, sodium, potassium, calcium among others.

The main reason as to why some individuals believe that masturbation can trigger hair loss is simply because proteins, a major nutrient that makes up the hair follicles is released. At least 100mL of semen consist of 5040 mg of protein and the average amount of semen released during an ejaculation is only 3.7ml. This means that a man has to ejaculate over 20 times on a regular basis to lose the required proteins. Scientifically, there are no studies that prove that masturbation triggers hair loss apart from the fear that grips males.

What exactly triggers hair loss?

Hair loss is generally a genetic issue that runs in families. However, the incidence of battling hair loss increases in case of hormonal imbalances, a poor lifestyle, or medical conditions.

In the real sense, males have a hormone known as testosterone. This hormone is changed to Dihydrotestosterone by the 5alpha-reductase enzyme. DHT is the actual cause of hair loss in 89% of males, whereas the same hormone also triggers hair loss in women. Other factors for hair loss include hypothyroidism in which the thyroid gland fails to produce the required level of the thyroid hormone.

Various studies have been conducted evaluating males with normal sexual function and those with various sexual dysfunctions, in which the attained results indicated that all men had the same testosterone levels.

Final Analysis

Medical studies prove no connection between hair loss and masturbation. Males who masturbate and experience hair loss could be involved in illicit drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, among others. Studies show a majority of males who masturbate, but have no complaints regarding hair loss.

The actual cause of hair loss is ‘hormonal imbalance’ that commonly goes unrealized. Onset hair loss begins with hair thinning due to the DHT hormone that miniaturizes the scalp hair follicles with the help of the receptors. The action of hair loss mainly begins in the frontal region and further into the crown region, where a bald patch is formed. In this case, a hair transplant is conducted by removing DHT resistant hair follicles from the back of your scalp to the bald region to recover your hair.

In case worried that masturbation could be the actual cause of your hair loss, it might do you good to stop masturbating as stress is another cause of hair loss.

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