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Increase Your Sexual Drive With These Tips And Maintain Your Sexual Health

If you are sexually active, you may have noticed that your libido fluctuates often, it may be for various reasons, including physical and mental health. And we are not only talking about a decrease in sex drive, but sometimes you might also observe that there is an increase in your sex drive.

Both the situation is not an issue until and unless it happens persistently. You may then visit Best Sexologist in Punjab to learn about the problem at hand and what is the cause of that condition.

If your low sex drive is a hindrance to good and healthy sexual life, you can try out certain tips that would be given below to increase your libido.

But before that let us learn the causes of low sex drive.

Common Roots Of Low Libido!

These are some factors that could be a reason for low sex drive:

  • Consumptions of Alcohol.

  • Having a lot of stress.

  • Medication.

  • Changes in hormones like hormones of birth control and menstrual cycle hormones.

  • Going through relationship problems with your mating partner.

  • Poor body image.

Tips To Have A Better Sex Life

You should always try new methods and ways when indulging in sexual activity, it will help you to have a healthy sex life as well as maintain a thrill in the act. Which is an important factor to give you and your partner maximum satisfaction. To have better stamina you can visit Ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana.

To Schedule Or Not To Schedule Your Sex!

Well, this notion is solely based on people and what can be the best for them.

If you are finding it hard to maintain your sex drive during intercourse or any sexual activity you can always schedule your sex beforehand, it will give time to prepare yourself and set the mood in advance.

For some couples the unfamiliarity of the time can increase their libido, the thrill of the moment can be gained with the surprise element.

Experiment With Your Partner

Always try something new, especially when you are in a long-term relationship. It is pretty normal to lose sex drive because of practising regular boring sex. With time the sexual activity loses its appeal as it may fall easily into a routine.

Thus exploring your and yours’s mating partner kink and fantasies may increase your libido. Experimenting with this notion can bring back the excitement in sex. You can also incorporate the addition of sex toys while enjoying the sexual activity with your partner.

Work On Your Body Image

If you are not happy with your body image it may also stop you from desiring sex. As sex is a vulnerable act associating both physical and mental aspects, it is important to be confident and have a healthy lifestyle. It will also help in building better stamina.

An Ayurvedic Treatment For Better Sex Life!

If you wanted to increase your sex drive organically you should treat your problem with Ayurveda at Sanjiwani Health Centre to maintain better sexual health.

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