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A Lacklustre Sex Life! Try Out Some Techniques To Spice It Up

When sex becomes a mundane activity in your life, you need to reevaluate your lifestyle or your and your partner’s pleasure point. Sex is no more like it was in the starting phase of your life, and the love story is gradually fading away with time.

Sexologist in Punjab suggests you try some tips and techniques to get that spark back by making some adjustments and changes in your sex life or visit a Best ayurvedic Sexologist in Ludhiana to get yourself some ayurvedic treatment which is perfectly safe and helpful.


Do Not Let Your “LIBIDO” Drop!


Libido is your sexual desire and it might be more in some and less in others, so there is technically no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ amount of libido. But if you notice that your libido is decreasing a lot, you might suffer from sexual dysfunction.

A common trait which is seen in both men and women, and a major cause of miscommunication among the couples, also low esteem and relationship problems. A visit to Best ayurvedic Sexologist in Ludhiana can help you overcome it.


Female Sexual Dysfunctions And Their Symptoms


  • Low sex drive sometimes is even nonexistent.
  • Dryness is noticed in the area of the vagina.
  • There are no fantasies in regards to sex.
  • It is hard to achieve orgasms.
  • Also feels a lot of pain during sexual activity.

Male Sexual Dysfunction And Their Symptoms


  • Low sex drive or nonexistent sex drive like women.
  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • The ability to orgasm is not there, or it is usually delayed.
  • Premature ejaculation.

Do Not Make Your Sex Life Lacklustre!


Do not end your story on a sad note, and try to find some answer with us to give the pleasure to your partner and also enjoy the pleasure.

Try out some games or share your fantasies with your partner to get that ‘libido’ back.

  • Educating yourself is the first step, browse through the net and understand the problem at hand and also make your partner learn about the same by communicating with them.
  • Try to evolve with age, as you will grow it is very common to see some changes in your sex life, which means more time to get aroused or orgasm, also when had someone complaint about MORE SEX!
  • If you or your partner have been seeing dryness in the vagina during intercourse try to use lubricant or gel, thus resulting in painless sex.
  • Try to indulge your fantasies in your sex life to get the anticipation and thrill in it. Try to do some activities that might turn you and your partner on.
  • Try different sex positions, anyone can get bored from the monotonous life, you need a change in every aspect to make it “SPICY” and “WILD”.

Final Comments!


An ayurvedic sexologist in Sanjiwani Health Centre can help you overcome many sexual-related problems that you have been shying away from. With the aid of Ayurveda, you can get your libido in a most organic and natural way to satisfy your partner.

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