Sexual Fitness Checkup With Ayurveda To Maximise Sexual Health

Having a good sex life after the marriage is essential, especially if it is between the newly married couple. The starting months after the wedding are filled with many hopes and joy, making it more important to focus on sexual health. After all, you would not want your partner to be unsatisfied or pleasureless.

How can you make sure that you do not have a weak intimacy period? Well, the answer is pretty simple; all you have to do is maintain your sexual health by living a healthy life and visiting a Sexologist in Ludhiana. No, there is no shame in doing so; remember, your sex life could reach heights if you focus on making it the best.

It is crucial for the couple not to take things for granted with time. This is why to make the situation safer for them; it is necessary to go through some sexual fitness checks. With the help of an ayurvedic medicines course, you can attain maximum sexual health.

Sexual Fitness Tests A Married Couple Should Take

Here are some of the fitness tests a couple should take if they are planning to take the initiative by themselves. These tests would help in having a healthy sexual life.

  • Infertility test

The 1st test that the couple should think about going is the fertility test. Fertility condition is one of the most common issues people suffer from. It could be easily observed in both sexes and can be treated with the ayurvedic course given by the Sexologist in Punjab. The reasons for infertility are innumerable, but there is only one solution.

If the couple is infertile, they might find it hard to get pregnant. This is the reason why it is vital to get this test done as soon as possible. This would help you find the right solution at the right time.

  • Blood group compatibility

If you are a newlywed couple who have recently got married and are looking to conceive a child, it would be beneficial to go through a blood group compatibility test. With this test, you would be able to know whether or not you would face any complications while procreating. If you and your partner have the same amount of Rhesus (Rh) factor that there is nothing to worry about. In case the Rh does not match, then there might be chances of complications during pregnancy because of incompatibility in the blood group.

The reason why an incompatible blood group could be fatal is that the antibodies that are found in the mother’s body could be the reason for destroying the cells of the baby. This is why the test is important if you want a safe pregnancy. Visit your doctor and get advice according to your condition.

  • Genetic condition test

You would not want to have a child with a genetic disorder that one side of the partner has. Genetic conditions are those which are passed down to the generation. Test beforehand and learn about the underlying genetic condition to treat it.

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