5 Important Facts About The Masturbation

It is the true fact that every boy is expert in the masturbation. There are the some of the amazing facts that every boy must know about the masturbation.

5 amazing facts that every guy must know about the masturbation.

Masturbation doesn’t have the health benefits: This is the most astonishing fact that masturbation doesn’t have any kind of the health benefits to the boys but sex provides a lot of the benefits. Studies show that sex has large amount of the benefits life proper blood pressure, heart benefits, free from the pain. These health benefits do not provide by the masturbation. The only health benefit of the masturbation is that, there is less risk of the prostate cancer.

2. Masturbation is not risk-free. There is less risk involved in the masturbation. No doubt, it is the safest form of the sex. The major drawback of this is that one cannot make himself pregnant. Moreover, Masturbation causes minor skin irritation. Sometimes, pennies will rupture due to excessive bending. This condition is called penile fracture. In this fracture, your penis will look like the egg plant. It is in purple color and swollen. In order to rectify it, you need the surgery.

3. Normal amount of the masturbation

Most of the men don’t go outside until they do the masturbation on the regular basis. Now the question arises how many times a person has to do masturbate in a day or a week. If you do masturbate so many times in a day, then you satisfy with the healthy and good life. But at the same time, you will be deprived of enjoying sex with your partner.

4. Masturbating doesn’t reflect on your relationship.

Most of the men, who do masturbation, are the sign of the wrong relationship. This is the most astonishing fact that most of the boys do the masturbation whether they are single, bad relationship or having the great relationship. Masturbation is not the sex activity but it is the relieving activity. If you are annoyed and hectic schedule of the work, then masturbation is the blessing for relieving the stress.

5. Masturbation is almost certainly good for your sex life.

Masturbation provides knowledge to the boys how to perform the sex with the partner. This is fact that women would be more satisfied if she will do the masturbate as the men do.

If you are suffering any kind of the problem during the masturbation, you can consult the best sexologist in India for the best and effective masturbation treatment in India. Masturbation is essential for the men who regularly do the masturbation. If he stopped for any reasons, he will feel more annoyed and stressful. In order to keep oneself healthy and happier, one need to the masturbation on the regular basis. Moreover, when start enjoying sex with the partner; the times of the masturbation have decreased drastically. Because sex with partner has its own addiction and pleasure.

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