Technavio Report Publication For Pipeline Analysis 2018 About Premature Ejaculation

Technavio Report Publication For Pipeline Analysis 2018 About Premature Ejaculation

n the latest press, Technavio has announced their pipeline analysis report for premature ejaculation. This report includes the entire pipeline molecules under which this problem of premature ejaculation has been investigated within the predefined data collection period for treating the premature ejaculation.

In this detailed report you may find the detailed analysis of the market within the regulatory framework, strategies for drug developments for PE and information about the key companies that are contributing to the growth of the market in coming years.

Following is the brief description about this report of pipeline analysis 2018

Market overview

PE is the sexual disorder in which males get sooner ejaculation than the expected time during the sexual intercourse. This sexual dysfunction can be caused by psychological or medical factors like stress or diabetes.

Technavio report classified this sexual syndrome in two types that are primary and secondary. According to report primary premature ejaculation can occur from the time the male is sexually active and the secondary PE can develop even if the male has had previous sexual experiences without ejaculation issue.

According to the report exercises, medications or other home remedies are only precise treatments for this syndrome. Increase in the problem of PE and its awareness has increased the demand for the treatment of this disorder.

Segmented Analysis

This pipeline analysis report has divided the market segments on the basis of following pointers

Therapies employed – monotherapy or combined therapies

RoA – oral or parental

Therapeutic modality- small molecule and protein

Targets-acetylcholine vesicle and oxytocin receptor

MoA – Acetylcholine release inhibitor and oxytocin receptor antagonist

Recruitment status – active, terminated or not recruited

Geographical Segmentation

It provides the information about the factors that are influencing the market such as drivers, opportunities, trends, and challenges related to the industry.

For the analysis, in this study, more than 55% of molecules were investigated to get the in-depth information related to the market. In this analysis areas like market size, growth, challenges, drivers, and forecast have also been studied.

In the report published by Technavio, readers can find the topics covered like the scope of the report, regulatory framework, drug development landscape, strategies for drug development, coverage for the drug under indications, and study about all segments of the market have also been included in the report.

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