Shirodhara is an ultimate purification and rejuvenating therapy offering a unique characteristic of Ayurveda for the full cleaning of body and hence discarding toxins. It is helpful in treating the chemical imbalance in their higher levels.

It is a supreme purification and rejuvenation method that creates a divine and relaxing experience. A supreme rejuvenating treatment offers a healthy touch with bright skin.

Why Shirodhara is important?

  • An exceptionally great relaxation method
  • A rejuvenating and cleaning process
  • Eliminates the piled toxins that otherwise cause health ailments
  • Tissues nourishment
  • Optimize the nutrition distribution across the body
  • Body cleaning and balancing
  • Body replenishing
  • Health restore

Effects of Shirodhara

It is an effective and proven procedure that has been in use for thousands of years. It is a perfect method to prevent ailments of head, neck, eyes and nervous system. It is effective in:

  1. Improves blood flow, increases blood supply to brain
  2. Enhances memory
  3. Hair and scalp nourishment and enhances hair growth
  4. Skin rejuventation
  5. Cures insomnia
  6. Heals migraine and headache
  7. Prevents depression and stress
  8. Treats asthma
  9. Controls sugar level
  10. Body relaxation
  11. Slows down ageing

The process is conducted by using the real oil that wonderfully offers you a rejuvenated feeling. The real oil consists of several highly effective ingredients that are completely natural. This herbal oil has been in use over the thousands of years and is also mentioned in the ayurvedic books.

Recommended frequency to receive Shirodhara

In order to stay relaxed, you should undergo the procedure usually for example weekly or monthly. Our specialist suggests the days for treatment for the various kinds of ailments. Receiving the procedure weekly basis, you will achieve relaxation from depression and anxiety that occur due to routine tasks and responsibilities. With Shirodhara treatment, it becomes easier to handle the daily chaos. Moreover, you stay secured from the severe sickness, the treatment extends for two to three weeks on the base of type of problem and extent of seriousness. You should be completely relaxed on the day of treatment.