No1 Sex Specialist in Pathankot

Impotence is a widely occurring problem in men, it is an ability to attain or maintain erection that is essential for satisfactory intercourse. A reputed Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Pathankot evaluates the cause of ED that can be poor blood flow towards penile organ, diseases, nerve disorders, stress, depression and anxiety about performance in bed. The following factors cause problems in sexual activity:

  1. Medical sickness
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Side effect of some medicines
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Diabetes

The number one sex specialist in Pathankot recommends you the essential procedures that can enhance your condition. We have in-depth knowledge in correcting the physical and psychological factors related to ED.

Best Sex Specialist in Pathankot

The treatment is mainly based on treating the specific cause of ED. Our Sex Specialist in Pathankot finds the cause of erectile dysfunction to provide the perfect treatment that may include couple therapy. The herbal treatment is offered to completely overcome the ED problem.

Consult with our number one sexologist in Pathankot about the treatment. The patient’s satisfaction level of his own sexual desire can be fulfilled by improving their sexual activity. The factors that affect their sexual libido are:

  1. Aging as with increasing age, the concentration of testosterone decreases
  2. Consumption of alcohol and smoking
  3. Extensive workout
  4. Malnourishment
  5. Illegitimate drugs abuse
  6. Strong medicines such as antidepressants that affect test

The occurrence of sexual dysfunctions can be controlled by enhancing the life style. Consult with our sexologist to determine the significant changes that are needed for you to improve your sexual life. Our expert has wide knowledge in offering good sexual health that is essential for a healthy relationship and happy partner. So get in touch soon as you realize your sexual problems.