No1 Sex Specialist in Mohali

The sexual problems in men and women are common. The sexual problems in men such as impotence and erectile dysfunction are stated as the inability to retain or maintain an erection adequate for intercourse. The causes of ED include diseases, lack of blood supply and atherosclerosis, nerve disorders and psychological factors for example stress, depression and function in bed anxiety and injury to penile organ. The Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Mohali helps in treating the chronic sexual disorders that affect your married life.

In assistance of number one sex specialist in Mohali, your symptoms are analyzed through physical exam. Several cases of sexual problems can be fixed by treating the underlying physical or psychological problems. The treatment includes the following procedures:

Herbal treatment: Herbal medicines are given for the physical problems that cause sexual dysfunctions in both men and women.

Improvement in lifestyle- Our sexology expert suggests the essential changes to improve your health condition.

Hormones: Medicines prescribes are made from the natural ingredients to increase the hormone levels that are essential for better sexual health such as testosterone levels.

Best Sex Specialist in Mohali

For the psychology problems, our Sex Specialist in Mohali helps by becoming your specialized counselor to help improve your personal feelings of depression, fear and guilty that has a significant effect on your sexual health.

  1. Our number one sexologist in Mohali educates people about sexual health to overcome their anxieties for sexual performance.
  2. Essential herbal medicines are given for the treatment that is widely based on the exact cause of sexual dysfunction.
  3. The ayurvedic treatment ensures to diminish the sexual problems without causing the side-effects.

Our sexologist in Mohali helps people who are suffering from different sexual problems within a short range of time with proper assistance.