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Evaluation of the sexual problems begins with the complete study of your medical, sexual and psychology history and thereafter physical evaluation. It is because there are several causes of sexual dysfunction. Our Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Jalandhar helps you in feeling confident during the treatment by a comfortable conversation.

  1. We help you in improving your sexual relationship with your partner.
  2. Sexual problems are handled seriously and a natural treatment is provided
  3. Herbal medicines are used for the treatment of various kinds of sexual dysfunction
  4. No side-effect

The number one sex specialist in Jalandhar offers a complete counseling that significantly helps in increasing your confidence. The treatment procedure is multi-step to ensure that your sexual dysfunction is fully cured.


Best Sex Specialist in Jalandhar

In few cases premature ejaculation and restricted ejaculation are caused by psychological factors such as lack of interest, injury and traumatic events. Premature ejaculation is the most commonly occurring sexual dysfunction in men and is usually associated with nervousness about sexual performance. The Sex Specialist in Jalandhar helps maintaining the balance between sexual and physical life.

There are different types of ejaculation problems in men such as:

  1. Premature ejaculation that occurs before or quickly as soon as penetration occurs
  2. Obstructed ejaculation in which ejaculation occurs slowly.
  3. Retrograde ejaculation occurs during orgasm when ejaculation is forced back towards the bladder instead going through urethra

You should visit number one sexologist in Jalandhar as soon as possible for the treatment of premature ejaculation as it is a symptom of underlying serious health condition that needs your attention. The premature ejaculation commonly occurs in men who are diabetic patient. It also occurs as a side effect of some medical conditions. Contact our sexologist to get your condition treated immediately.