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A sex problem describes a phase of a sexual response cycle that obstructs a man or woman from achieving satisfaction during penetration. The sexual activity goes through four stages- excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Our Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Bathinda helps you in experiencing these stages sufficiently with the help of natural herbs.

  1. Evaluation of sexual dysfunction begins with the medical and sexual and psychological factors that have a significant role in causing the sexual problems in men and women.
  2. You should not ignore the sexual dysfunction as they can be related with the underlying health conditions.
  3. With the help of our number one sex specialist in Bathinda, your anxious levels are relieved by enabling you to focus more on the intercourse. For men with physical issues, the herbal medicines are prescribed.

Best Sex Specialist in Bathinda

Today the medical industry is more focused on improving the sexual performance and satisfaction. With the help of herbal medicines offered by our Sex Specialist in Bathinda, that improves your negative attitude about sex and helps make your relationship better.

There are several causes of sexual problems such as:

  1. Poor relationship between couple
  2. Injury to genital organ
  3. Side effects of medicines
  4. Extensive consumption of alcohol and illegitimate drugs
  5. Overstress and depression due to work


As soon as you visit our number one sexologist in Bathinda, they evaluate your conditions by finding the cause of problem. We use only fully natural treatment made of herbs that leave a significant effect on your sexual health providing the overall betterment. The use of herbal medicines ensures no side-effect on your health hence they are completely safe for use and are also verified and approved by several health specialists across the world. So you can use them at anytime.