No1 Sex Specialist in Batala

Sexual dysfunction refers to pain or interfere during the sexual activity. It is harder to find and treat in females than in males due to the complexity of the female sexual response. An Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Batala helps women in treating the problems in sexual desire, orgasm dysfunction and sexual pain. The commonly occurring female sexual disorders that are treated by our Number one sex specialist in Batala are:

  1. Hypoactive sexual desire: It is a frequent deficiency of sexual thoughts and lack of sexual activity.
  2. Arousal problem- It is an inability to attain or maintain adequate sexual excitement and is described as lack of genital responses.
  3. Orgasm disorder- delay or not receiving orgasm after sexual arousal
  4. Sexual pain- It includes pain in genital organs during intercourse.

Best Sex Specialist in Batala

If you are experiencing one of the above problems, you should contact Sex Specialist in Batala to discuss your conditions. Do not hesitate about explaining your problems with the Number one sexologist in Batala who will help you treating your sexual dysfunctions with the herbal medicines that are safe for use and do no leave any side – effects.