Sexual problem in men and women are getting common with the passage of time. These problems lead to inability of couples to get sexual pleasure while intercourse. These problems may occur due to various reasons like

  • Physical reasons that includes the serious health conditions, diseases and medical illness.
  • Psychological reasons like work stress, depression, fear, guilt some past sexual trauma etc.

According to the sex specialist in Puducherry these sexual disorders are increasing due to unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle choices and working pattern of the people

Due to Ayurvedic healing system most of the sexual problems are treatable but the need is to take step ahead and choose the best sexologist in Puducherry. Have healthy discussion session with your doctor to reach to the root of problem and get the appropriate treatment.

Common sexual problems that can occur in males are as follows

  1. erectile dysfunction in which males have inability to get and keep the firm erection while in sexual activity
  2. ejaculation disorder in which men have earlier release of sperms while penetration that decreased their sexual performance
  3. nightfall is the problem in which patient have discharge while sleeping
  4. loss of sex desire which can be due to various factors
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