Men are standing in the first queue for the sexual probles and suffering in more percentage from these disorders as compared to women. men can have various issues related to sexual activities like

  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of sex desire

Most of the men are suffering from premature ejaculation problems so it is important to understand the details of this problem. ejaculation problemĀ  is the issue when males have issues with the release of sperms while having sexual activity

There are following ejaculation disorders

  • Premature ejaculation is the problem in which men have relase of sperms before or soon immediately after penetration
  • Sometimes males have slow ejaculation which is called inhibited or retraded ejaculation disorder. for this clear discussion with the number one sex specialist in Jharkhand can be good way to cope up.
  • According to the Ayurvedic Sex specialists in Jharkhand some males also suffer from the problem of retrograde ejaculation in which sperms get back into the bladder rather than coming out from penis.
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