Sexual dysfunction has become common problem these days in both men and women. this problem is the interruption in the any phase of sexual response cycle that prevent the couple to get sexual satisfaction while intercourse.

sexual problem are getting common but still people hesitate to discuss about these problems but now these problems are treatable so one must consult number one sex specialist in Assam for discussing these problems.

There can be following common sex problems in men and women

Men’s sex problems

  • erectile dysfunction is the most common problem of men in which male cannot get and keep firm erection
  • premature ejaculation
  • inhibited ejaculation
  • retrode ejaculation
  • loss of sex drive

Women’s sex problems

  • problem with orgasm
  • loss of sex desire
  • pain while having sex

All above problems can be eradicated by getting treatment from Ayurvedic sex specialist in Assam.

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