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Propecia Sexual Dysfunction can be severe in Men who have Neurobiological Abnormalities

Propecia is approved drug by the US food and drug administration to reduce the hair loss in males and can be used to treat enlarged prostrate. But recent studies have shown some side effects of Propecia like anxiety attack, insomnia.

Side effects

Recent studies have shown that men that use this hair loss drug can experience some side effects from which erectile dysfunction and the loss of libido are main. This medicine is also used to treat the enlarged prostrate but this fact is true vice versa that is medicines used for enlarged prostrate can also treat hair loss.

Researchers suggests that men that take the Propecia and the similar medicines must be aware about their side effects as these can develop breast tissue or gynecomastia.

Effects on men with neurobiological abnormalities

Even the review study report of 15 clinical trial proved that 15% men that are taking this drug become victims of sexual dysfunctions like loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.  Some experts also noted that it blocks the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. Even this medicine could cause birth defects in the pregnant women however it is very effective for men with vertex hair loss and also stabilize frontal hair loss in males.

Many studies have shown the side effects of these medicines however no report has mention potential for Propecia sexual dysfunction. According to the PFS that is Post- Finasteride Syndrome foundation which is non profit making foundation and only raise funds for clinical research, database managed by the World Health organization for international drug monitoring contains the 13,540 adverse reaction reports associated with Finasteride total in database for adverse drug reaction by the September 26. In these reports more than 3,000 adverse reaction reports are of sexual dysfunction and fertility disorders and more than thousand for depressed mood disorders and disturbances. Even it contains 67 reports for completed suicides.

Even the studies have shown that its effects including impotence can be long term even after stopping the Finasteride treatment. Even studies have proved that men who have some neurobiological abnormalities can have worse side effects of Propecia. This study claimed that neural circuitry overlaps with the functional abnormalities in the males that are already suffering from the problem like major depression.

In the major findings of the research, experts mention the men who use Propecia for hair loss have the significantly lower IIEF that is international index of erectile function composite score, lower score for the erectile dysfunction, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and lower score in the overall sexual performance.

The study has claimed that men with some brain related problems have the worse condition of the sexual dysfunction imposed by the Propecia as compared to the other users of Propecia.

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