Low Sperm Count Treatment

Ensured Herbal treatment for low sperm count

Male factor infertility is as crucial as female infertility that prevents a couple to conceive naturally. However you may regularly hear that females do not eat well and hence are unable to conceive, the male factor infertility also has a major role in causing problems in having children in the present times.

Surprising factor is that male fertility is equally complicated as female fertility. Many people believe that sperm health is solely based on its count. But the sperm structure is also important as of its health as well as its ability to fertilize an egg.

In few cases, a man with sufficient sperm count fails to impregnate the female because of long and hard tour to the female’s cervix to reach her fallopian tubes for egg fertilization. Therefore sperm health is equally important.

Due to poor lifestyle, men are becoming unable to develop sufficient sperm count even without being aware of it. Thanks to Ayurveda that this condition is curable and men can significantly increase their sperm count. But before this, you should understand the infertility and sperm count problems and it is essential to separate the misconceptions from facts to make a knowledgeable decision.

Infertility misconceptions

  1. If a couple fails to have a child, it is a fault of female and she is solely infertile. But the truth is that just like female infertility, male partner infertility is also a common cause
  2. Sperm count is the only factor that causes male infertility. Large count of sperms means that man can impregnate a woman. But there are also other factors such as quality of semen and sperm that are essential for getting a female pregnant.
  3. It is impossible to treat male infertility. If it is not psychologically cause, the male infertility can be sexually treated such as by increasing the count of sperms.

Low Sperm count treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count has been well approved across the world. The aim of using herbal medicines is to simply increase the count of healthy sperms for the treatment of male factor infertility in a safe manner.