How Can Both Stress And Low Testosterone Be Managed?

How Can Both Stress And Low Testosterone Be Managed?

Your anxiety and stress can be because of the pressures in life, which lead to physical ways, one of them being low testosterone. Here, I give you a list of how to manage both of them
Stress, as we all are aware of is very bad for everyone. But, one thing not known to many is that stress is an important factor in impacting hormones, as well, especially testosterone, which is mainly required for the build-up of muscle mass, body hair and also the deep voice, that men possess.
Stress causes lower testosterone levels and then the lower testosterone can again cause stress, which again leads to lowering hormonal levels, so the cycle keeps working. Side effects of stress include lack of motivation to do anything, lack of sleep, which in turn again lead to low hormonal levels.
But if you manage stress, it will help improve these symptoms of low testosterone, which will help in improving sexual activity, help in better sleep, mood levels will also decrease. Stress and low testosterone may be interlinked with each other but they also have the same physical symptoms, the most common among them are feeling tired or sluggish, depression, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive.

Surviving both stress and testosterone
It can happen to anyone, but just in case you are older, overweight, and also under too much stress, it can bother you more.

Have as much rest, as you can

Stressed out men, tend to lose their sleep, which in turn leads to low testosterone, so it goes without saying that sleeping better can help reduce the testosterone, to go back to normal. It is recommended that an adult has a sleep of over 7 – 9 hours.

Modify your diet

One should have a high protein, low-fat diet, high in refined sugar, salt, trans fats and saturated fats.


Regular exercise releases endorphins, which help in reducing stress and boost testosterone; doctors recommend 30 to 45 minutes of exercise, such as biking, swimming, or, running, three to four times a week.

Draw in more air

A simple breathing technique can instantly lower your stress level,
there are various methods of letting your mind stay peaceful, for instance, I sit at my desk, right now have started taking deep breaths (no, I am certainly not panting), but just trying to relax, you can take up a beads mala and chant( it can be om, Gayatri mantra, om name Shiva, or just about anything) else, if you wish to do it in silence, so be it, you can search the net and you will come to know of hundreds of thousands of methods, in case you are keen on following what other religions follow, you can also do the Buddhist chanting), another simple way is to Take a deep breath through your nose and into your belly, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it out.

Set aside some time to be with yourself

You can get your massage done (no, not with our partner, read it again, it says, spend some time with yourself), go to a spa and get it done, want to catch up on some sleep, that will be the best time, do some yoga, go for a hike or walk, just do what you have been willing to do all this while.

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