Female Sexual Problems Treatment

Just like men, the sexual problems in women are also in vogue. From test medicines to hormone treatment, the medical science endeavors to find what works better and safely for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

Effects of sexual dysfunction on women

  1. Lack of sexual desire: It occurs due various factors such as variation in hormones, medical conditions and treatment for example cancer, stress, pregnancy and tiredness. Also stress about career and children results into lack of interest in sexual activity.
  2. Inability to arouse: In women, lack of arousal usually includes inadequate vaginal lubrication, this condition can be associated with anxiety or improper stimulation. Moreover blood circulation problems also affect vagina that result into inability to become aroused.
  3. Inadequate orgasm- Inability to achieve orgasm is caused by sexual ignorance, insufficient knowledge and mental factors for example feeling of guilty, anxiety and abuse.

Treatment of female sexual dysfunction

For the diagnosis of female sexual dysfunction, your physician will conduct a physical exam and evaluate your symptoms. Your behavior will also be analyzed such as fear, stress, previous sexual trauma and alcohol consumption etc to understand the related causes of the problem to decide the treatment.

The treatment for female sexual dysfunction is performed by using various strategies depending on your requirement. The treatment for sexual problems is elated with the hormone factors such as estrogen and androgen therapy. Our sexologist helps you in improving your sexual life by using fully safe and natural medicines that create balance in your hormones and other factors.