Does Reproductive And Sexual Health Differ From Each Other?

Does Reproductive And Sexual Health Differ From Each Other?

Generally, women are oblivion about their reproductive and sexual health facts and the difference between the both as they take them both as the similar one. However, both the concepts are different from each other and can be defined as follows


Reproductive health

This concept includes the reproductive processes, functions, and systems at all stages of age. In simple words, we can define that reproductive health ensures the responsible, satisfactory and safe sex life and even the good reproductive health give freedom to the people to take their decision about when and how often to do sex.

Sexual health

Sexual health is just the state of physical, mental and social well being while having the sexual exposure. Good sexual health ensures the positive and respectful approach for sexuality and sexual relationships. Even it helps to have pleasurable, safe sexual experiences without any coercion, violence, and discrimination

Both the terms reproductive and sexual health are different from each other but many of us use these terms interchangeably in our routine life and conversations. Even in many legal and medical literature these terms are considered as similar one and this literature focus on only the well being of women on the concept of reproductive health but to ensure the security and better health care of omen it is important to work on both reproductive and sexual health concepts differently.

What to do?

Experts believe that for great health of the family members it is essential that women should have great health as everyone in the family and community suffers due to the bad health condition of women. Thus, to ensure the better health and care of women it is important to understand the difference between reproductive health and sexual health and even there is a need to work on both the concepts differently.

For both the concepts, people should be provided complete health and sexual information so that they can understand the importance to care about the sexual health for the better reproductive health and the general health. Even people should be educated for maintaining the good sexual and reproductive health so that the women and men both can have a better life ahead.

Even it is important for the people to open up with their sexual and reproductive issues so that the corrective measures can be taken to prevent the future uncertain conditions. Reproductive and sexual health care is important for the overall well being of the person so both should be addressed differently with best care and knowledge.

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